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Technology is at the heart of our company and all we stand for.

We embraced technology early in our existence as a means of streamlining the work load, smoothing the supply chain.

Today our business sails on a combination of our own applications . . .

Clarity is our own supply chain visibility application accessed by a web portal. Our customers can input shipping orders, get status updates, see signatures, proofs of delivery, and much more. Clarity II is a similar application for our suppliers to receive pick-up orders, get assembly and other instructions. Clarity and Clarity II are available 24/7 and free to our customers and suppliers.

LIFT (Logistics, Inventory, and Freight Tracking) is our custom-developed application and main internal processing system. LIFT is integrated with Clarity and  handles every Manna transaction. LIFT is in a class by itself, handling every facet of the transaction from order entry through invoicing. We’ve compared LIFT to off-the-shelf applications and so far, none have exceeded its abilities.

ScheduleMyDelivery.com is our own mobile-friendly website for consumers to select the most convenient date and time window during which to take delivery of their orders.

TheCUBE is our Excel-based tool for mining data processed nightly from LIFT. TheCube allows us to look at the granular details hidden throughout the supply chain and offer new solutions and best practices to our customers based on their shipping data.

. . .  and the use of best-in-class third party technology to serve both our customers and their customers.

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