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We Love Benefits Too!

Medical benefits icon image


Competitive medical coverage is available to all full time Manna employees and their immediate families with optional dental and vision coverage. We also offer a Health Savings Account (HSA) that is yours to keep.


You have the option to add dental coverage to your benefits with which you will have two dental exams annually with no out-of-pocket expenses.


Our 401(k) plan will help put you on the road to financial security and peace of mind as your build your logistics career. Saving even a little for the future is a wise money move.


Everyone needs R&R and you can earn up to four weeks of annual paid vacation at Manna. All Federal holidays are paid days off for salaried employees.


Ops is at the heart of our business. It is our nerve center and it puts heavy demands on our technology to route and schedule hundreds of thousands of freight orders. It is a great place to lay the foundation of a career in logistics that can take you places you never dreamed of going.


Corporate services are those departments that support our company behind the scenes: Accounting, Loss Prevention, Procurement, Human Resources, Sales, Marketing, Business Development, and the Executive Team. Our employees have often jumped the boundaries that define these groups and brought new skills and ways of thinking that energize us.


Distribution Centers

Our growing list of regional distribution centers offers opportunities as DC Associates, Floor Leads, Customer Experience Specialists, and Managers. We often work with independent contractor truck owner/operators who have a flair for entrepreneurship and self-direction. Our DCs serve large “anchor” customers and smaller regional businesses.


Our Sales team are steeped in mutually beneficial outcomes and approach the sales process with respect for those we serve. As true logistics experts, Sales dives deeply into the industries on which we focus, seeking to understand the issues that cause supply chain snags and crafting solid transportation solutions. Yes, we do promote solid operational people into the Sales world!


At the heart of all of our departments and services is: YOU! People are the heart and soul of every operation and we are no different. Those who thrive here are thinkers, doers, builders, learners, and achievers. You can go as far as your drive propels you to go and we will help you find the right path to success.



Leadership comes with time spent learning everything you can possibly learn about the job, the industry, the technology, and the people who make it all run. We promote talent from within whenever possible because they are best qualified to understand and empathize with the teams they lead. In a small company, you can become a key player if your dedication and performance are up to the challenges.

And Beyond the Formal Benefits:

Casual Work Place

The job can be intense, so we like to focus our energy on what we do, not whether the tie matches the shirt. Be comfortable. Be casual. Be effective.

U of MFS

We offer skills classes through the University of Manna Freight Systems. Learn how to become a pivot table wizard and put that skill to work in your job.

HQ Marketplace

You can shop for healthy snacks, sandwiches, soups, coffee, chips, candy bars and a whole lot more at our mini-marketplace. Sorry, this option is available only at our headquarters campus.


For the past ten years we’ve raised money to help make our military men and women in the Middle East more comfortable and show our support. Join in our FUNdraisers throughout the year.