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Zack Taylor and Jill Erwin – photo credit: Jami Carlton

We are bringing out the highlights from our trip to 2018 Spring High Point Market. This time around is product highlights from our series My 3 Pieces. Interior Designer Jill Erwin, of Jill Erwin Interiors  was one of our featured designers at this Market. Erwin took us to three locations. In this video she stops for a little comfort at the Wesley Hall showroom on a huge sectional with a chaise lounge.  There she met up with Wesley Hall President Zack Taylor.

The Wesley Hall showroom at High Point is a located in the Hamilton/Wrenn District, stop 18 on the Red Line. Wesley Hall has a rich history of fine, hand crafted furniture in North Carolina.  More of their offerings on Instagram Wesley Hall. You can follow Jill on Instagram and on her website.