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One of the major goals for retailers is to deliver an excellent, repeatable customer experience during the last mile of delivery.  Over the last three years we have found to achieve this goal as a national logistics provider is our distribution centers in strategic states around the country. We implement best practices at these distribution centers from the way we take products into the warehouse to inspecting furniture items to scheduling the day’s load out.    

Getting delivery times down is mostly a matter of location, location, location, the life long adage of real estate. In the logistics business that holds true, but is paired with a combination of pre-positioning products, thoughtful planning, great personnel, and effective routing and communications technologies.   Dennis McGrath, Distribution Center Project Manager who has been involved in all of these centers highlights the benefits to retailers using these distribution centers in the video interview below.. A key element to consistency is employing experienced personnel who understand their role in delivering customer service along with a product.  

When you are going beyond a Just Leave On Porch (JLOP) delivery experience, the key elements of a consistent experience should include:

  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Delivery Hub Management
  • Route Planning and Optimization
  • Driver Companion Technology
  • Returns and Reverse Logistics

Manna Freight Systems has all of these elements in place.  We’ll continue our series on best practices in customer experience logistics in this space, stay tuned.  Meanwhile, if you have questions contact 866-515-9875 or info@mfscorporate.com.