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Mark Fierek, VP of Sales for Manna Freight Systems, recently spoke with a number of companies attending a logistics conference in Atlanta.  One of their main concerns and criteria for selecting a logistics provider was visibility into the supply chain, especially down to the last mile.   According to Fierek, that’s where many logistics providers fail.   “We have focused on giving customers that visibility from across the country, right to the end users’ living room,” said Fierek.

He says a function Manna Freight Services customers appreciate is the signature capture and closed loop communications the company provides to retailers upon completion of the delivery.  Keeping customers in the loop ahead of the delivery and retailers in the loop upon completion of the delivery, means keeping everyone happy along the way.

Manna Freight Systems and its brands give customers and consumers insight into the progress of their purchase with a combination of technologies, Clarity, Schedule My Delivery  and Dispatch Track.