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Our Mission and Values

Our mission statement is the succinctly stated result of our management’s desire to not just say we are “the best” but to become an essential partner in our customers’ success.    

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Narrow Market Focus

Being everything to everyone means scrambling to keep promises you can’t possibly keep. Our approach is from a far different perspective, and helps keep us truly focused on our strengths.

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Join Our Team

The transportation and supply chain services industry is a wide open field that needs the best innovative minds to deploy technology, customer service, and management skills. Find what intrigues you!

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Welcome to Manna Freight Systems!

We’re happy you stopped by our website, where you can get an in-depth look at our corporation and the brands that we operate. Freight is what we do, and have done since our founding in 1991 in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro. Our reach, however, takes us into every ZIP Code in America, and major Canadian markets, serving nationally known brands with a wide array of services. Manna has proudly been an industry leader, pushing the freight industry through innovations like online consumer scheduling, a web portal into our operating system for order visibility, and highly automated processes

Each of our brands focuses on a separate industry segment, vary narrowly targeting prospects in those segments and honing separate skills in each over time. The transportation and delivery/installation of products to homes and businesses is our heart and soul. We do not claim to do it all or be your one-stop solution. We prefer, instead, to narrow our focus, become experts and partners, and solve some of our customers’ most pernicious transportation and logistics issues. Our brands each have a website where you can read case studies and other presentations that share our expertise built over a generation in the business of making things move across the country.

The logistics industry is seeking highly motivated, energetic people of all ages and backgrounds to keep those goods flowing. Take a look at our career site to see our own openings and give some thought to a lucrative and exciting career in transportation today.

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